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This web-based learning resource highlights an object from one of the Oxford University Museums' collections each term to encourage teachers of Pearson's Edexcel Art and Design GCSE, GCE, and BTEC courses to extend their experience of working with museum collections and contemporary art and to consider how they relate to contextual influences.

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Art and Design Resources:

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Creative Connections: Benin


Contemporary Benin Brasses and links to contemporart African and Britsh art it has inspired


Creative Connections: painting of Miss Orovida Pisarro by Carel Weight


Links to contemporary portraiture


Creative Connections: Electric Arc Lamp

Contemporary art inspired by the scientific instruments in the Museum of the History of Science


Creative Connections: Haida

Haida art is an art of line, characterised by balance, unity, symmetry and tension within the design.

Creative Connections: Museum of Natural History

At the Museum of Natural History architecture embraces nature.




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