Science Communication Opportunities

Whether you are a professional scientist, a science student, or an enthusiastic amateur, we have plenty of opportunities for volunteers to share their passion for science with visitors. 

To find out more about different science communication opportunities, see below, and have a look at the role descriptions at the bottom of the page.

“I have developed new interests, met like-minded people, got a lot closer to the very interesting collections, and found a captive audience for my enthusiasm for all things scientific! Many of the objects in the collections look puzzling and need a bit of explanation, and I like to try and link the ancient artefacts to their possibly more familiar modern equivalents.”

(Ken, Museum of the History of Science tour guide)


Science Saturdays Explainers

Science Saturdays introduce family visitors to some of the ideas, concepts, and processes that scientists use when working with the Museum of Natural History’s collections. There is one hands-on activity to represent each of the Museum’s four major collections: Entomology, Geology, Mineralogy, and Zoology. This role is about encouraging children to investigate specimens and about introducing them to real science role models - with lots of questions and lots of fun on both sides.

Highlight and History Tour Guides

Volunteer guides at the Museum of the History of Science deliver tours focussing on the history of the building and on some of the many interesting objects on display, e.g. Elizabeth I’s astrolabe, John Russell’s moon pastel, and Einstein’s blackboard.

DNA Demonstrators

Day-long ‘Question of Taste’ (PCT) workshops at the Museum of Natural History give Secondary School students the opportunity to experience PCR and electrophoresis using the same equipment and protocols used in university labs. Volunteers with experience of working in molecular biology labs support the delivery of these workshops.



Most of these opportunities require specific training. For more information, please see the role descriptions below.

Role Descriptions

Click on any of the roles below to open a Word document with details of that role.

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