Sensing Culture: Revealing the Oxford University Museums for the Blind and Partially Sighted

We are currently working in partnership with the RNIB to improve access for blind and partially sighted visitors to the four Oxford University Museums. 

What the project involves:

1.  Focus Group

We are working with a focus group of local blind and partially sighted people to gather feedback on all aspects of the project. 

2.  Staff Training and ‘Meet the Museum’ toolkits

Front of House staff and volunteers will receive training to improve awareness of issues confronting people with sight loss. They will also be trained to explain and offer new orientation tools. These tools will include large print guides, tactile maps, and self-led, audio described introductions to each museum, available on ‘discovery pens’. (For now, you can listen to an audio described introduction to the Museum of Natural History here.)

3.  Monthly Bookable Touch Tours

These audio described tours are led by trained Museum staff and include object handling opportunities. For upcoming dates and booking information, click here.

4.  Audio Description on Request

Every volunteer tour guide will receive audio description training, with the aim that from 2017 any blind or partially sighted visitor could request audio description as part of an advertised guided tour, rather than having to be part of a special programme.  


Find out more about the project and what we have already been doing on our blog. 


The HLF-funded project involves five museum partners in the South East and will run September 2015 - July 2017.




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