Tour Guiding Opportunities

Tour guiding gives volunteers the opportunity to develop and share their enthusiasm and knowledge in a fun, supportive, relatively structured way. Whether following a traditional show-and-tell format for adults or taking a more interactive, questions-based approach for children, tours are a great way for volunteers to discover and then reveal the museums and their collections.

To find out more about different tour guiding opportunities, see below, and have a look at the role descriptions at the bottom of the page.

"I enjoyed meeting everyone and simply being around the beautiful objects and thinking about their history. I also enjoyed the variety of ways the volunteers found to present the same information, allowing lots of scope for personality and creativity."

(Clare, Behind the Scenes Cast Gallery tour guide)


Tours for Adults

We periodically recruit and train small teams of volunteers to deliver 'Highlight and History' tours, 'Behind the Scenes' tours, and 'Architecture' tours for the general public. Oxford receives many visitors who try to fit a lot into just one day, and we hope that these introductory tours help them get more out of a short visit than they would otherwise. They also provide a nice bit of variety for more local, regular visitors.

Tours for Families

Children also enjoy engaging with the collections but, for them, a slightly different approach is taken. The museums occasionally ask volunteers to help deliver family friendly tours both as a stand-alone offer and as part of wider family friendly events. If you enjoy asking children questions (and answering any they throw back at you) as well as striking an occasional pose or acting something out, then this may be the opportunity for you!



All of these opportunities require specific training. For more information, please see the role descriptions below.

Role Descriptions

Click on any of the roles below to open a Word document with details of that role.

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