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The University of Oxford, located in the heart of the historic city just 60 miles from central London, was founded in the 11th Century and is the oldest English-speaking Univeristy in the world. A leading centre of learning, teaching and research, Oxford has educated many notable alumni including 27 Nobel laureates, 26 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and many heads of state from around the world.

The university had a number of world famous museums and collections that chronicle the history of the natural world and most world cultures. Centres for teaching of philosophy and science in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the collections have continued to grow over the years thanks to the support of famous benefactors that have given the university unique collections that can only be seen in Oxford.

Tour the Collections

The University's Libraries and Museums offer a chance to visitors to Oxford to get behind the scenes of modern university and see spaces at the centre of teaching and university life.

Book a tour of the Bodleian Libraries to see the vast resource that supports daily study in Oxford and areas where students work, plus areas where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

Go the Museum of Natural History and see special exhibitions based on cutting edge scientific research currently taking place in the university.

Visit the Ashmolean and see unique treasures such as the Alfred Jewel and Stradivarius' Messiah, and have lunch in their rooftop restaurant with spectacular city views.

Book a Venue

The University of Oxford's collections also offer unique and stunning venues for private parties, corporate events, gala dinners and weddings right in the heart of Oxford. Contact the individual venues to find our more about our affordable rates and enticing catering options.

The University of Oxford's Gardens, Libraries and Museums

Ashmolean Museum 

The world’s first public museum holding unique objects significant to British and international history – it is the only place you can see Stradivarius’ famous Messiah violin. The museum has significant collections of modern Chinese painting bequeathed by Michael Sullivan, and an airy rooftop restaurant serving fine food with a view of the city.

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Bodleian Library

Famously called ‘the house of bookworms’ by Qian Zhongshu, since opening in 1602 the Bodleian Library has been at the centre of university life. Visitors can go behind the scenes to see both the historic areas of the library, which appear in many films including Harry Potter, and contemporary facilities used by students today.

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Botanic Gardens

Established in 1621, Oxford has the oldest Botanic Gardens in Britain. The Garden contains over 6,500 specimens and has inspired authors from J.R.R. Tolkien to Lewis Carroll (entry fee).

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Museum of Natural History

Location of the Great Debate on evolution based on the work of Charles Darwin, and today has the only surviving dodo soft tissue. The dodo and other specimens inspired many of the characters in Alice in Wonderland.

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Museum of the History of Science

See scientific instruments belonging to famous scientists like Albert Einstein, as well as international leaders such as Queen Elizabeth I.

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Pitt Rivers Museum

A truly global museum holding one of the world’s finest collections of ethnographic and archaeological objects. Remarkable displays of man-made objects from Egyptian mummies to a 11.5m high totem pole.

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